in other news

  • We are hanging with Dave & Freya today. Yay.
  • House of Cards binge watch. And beer.
  • I’ve been breaking out in hives the last couple of days. This happens sometimes when I’m stressed. I had to take Benadryl late last night and holy shit balls it fucked me up. It’s funny how something like Benadryl can fuck me up so much considering how many pain pills, booze, and other substances I ingest on the regular. 
  • I remember the intravenous Benadryl I’d get during chemo. Oh what a feeling! Ha.
  • This short hair has resulted in epic bed head. 
  • I know I’ve only been doing 30 Day Shred for a week, but I already feel stronger. Jillian is my bitch.
  • Gonna catch em all…Neko Atsume!
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