misery business

-I’ve been having a horrible allergic reaction all week that just kept getting worse. By this morning, I looked like a walking hive. The itching has been making me crazy. I scratched my arm until it bled. Fortunately, I was able to see my doc today and got some prednisone.

-And…now I have prednisone induced insomnia. But it will be well worth it to feel better.

-When my doctor saw me she actually said, “Holy shit, Jenn!” Not a good sign.

-I have been spending a lot less time online and I like it. Apparently, the Internet makes me sort of ragey. You know…because people are assholes and stuff.

-I have a rare plan free Friday day/night tomorrow. No kid. No boyfriend. What should I do? I’m thinking: read, sleep, exercise (assuming the hives go away), shop, order takeout, and have a movie marathon.

-I’m itchy. So very itchy. šŸ˜’

-I cried in the Walgreens parking lot earlier while I was waiting on my prescriptions to be filled, and when I finally got them I ripped into that package like a fucking junkie getting a fix. I’m confident I looked like a crazy person. A weird, frumpy, wild eyed, scratch happy, crazy woman.

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