by the numbers

  1. I’m still itchy.
  2. The prednisone has made me extremely hungry. Holy shit, it’s a shit show over here tonight! Donuts, fruit snacks, bowls of cereal. Fuck me.
  3. So…I guess I’m working out tomorrow morning.
  4. I gave myself a mani-pedi tonight. Sugar Fix from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Blue nails are the best nails. 
  5. I went on a bit of a shopping spree earlier. There was a DSW almost next door to where I had brunch, so of course I had to go in, and maybe I sort of lost control. But…I did need some new shoes, to be fair. I purchased two pairs of flats: one basic black pair (my old ones are trashed) and one pointy toed silver & gold sparkly pair (sounds trashy sort of but actually super cute), and also a pair of black patent leather stiletto heeled mary janes because duh.  Oh and various headbands and other accessories. 
  6. I’ve been reading for most of the evening and it has been lovely. I did take a break to watch Can’t Hardly Wait because it was on Netflix and meh why not? 
  7. And took a break to video chat with the bf because he is the cutest. 
  8. During our video chat, we planned out the rest of the weekend. I’m looking forward to it. On the agenda: trying out a new wine bar, 10 Cloverfield Lane, House of Cards season 4. 
  9. I have a bunch of stuff I need to sign up for/purchase tickets to/for. I want to check out another Yoga Buzz (the one with the Mission Taco truck!), I want to go to Grapes in the Garden. I want to sign up for the next round of knitting classes. 
  10. I just wanted to get to ten to prove to myself that I could. It has been harder for me to share here recently. Not because I don’t have all kinds of stuff floating around in my head, but because I’ve been more involved in my daily life. I guess the need to escape my reality is not what it once was. 
  11. Oh and if I haven’t responded to a message or text or whatever…I will. I’m just keeping a slower pace nowadays. (11!)
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