Have your views on remarriage changed over time?


When I first left my (ex) husband, I was convinced I would never get married again. In fact, I was almost certain I would never have another serious long term relationship at all. Not because I didn’t want one, but because I just didn’t believe anything could work out. I was very jaded.

I remember early on in our relationship (4th of July 2012), some couple friends asked Dave and I to go on a trip to New Orleans with them in October 2012. My response was: Yeah, sure. If we are still together then. 

Dave loves to remind me of that. I said it right in front of him. 

Over the last several years, I have learned a lot about myself, about love, and about relationships. I truly believe that marriage can be a good, happy, and life long commitment if you marry the right person, and go into it with the right mindset. Relationships are hard work. We have to work on it every single day. And, almost more important, is my realization that I have to continue to work on myself. Because I can’t be a good partner if I’m not happy with myself. 

I can’t wait for the day when Dave and I get married. It’s going to be one of the best days ever. 

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