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I haven’t had a chance to do much quality blogging recently because life has gotten so very crazy, but in the best way possible. In fact, I miss it less than I figured I would.  Not just blogging, but the internet in general. I have been making a concentrated effort to be more in the moment in everything I do, and it has quickly turned into something I just do without thinking. And I love it!

Work – has been absolutely crazy busy. Like we have gone fucking gangbusters. We have double and sometimes triple booked appointments. Some other stuff has happened professionally that I’m really pleased about, but can’t really share at this point. We are all working our asses off, and I’m absolutely fried by the time I get home. I couldn’t do it without my amazing employees. I want to do something special for them. I heart them. 

Exercise – Operation Balls to the Wall is on fire! I am owning it!! I’ve worked up to Level 2 of 30 Day Shred. I’m also running and doing yoga. I feel stronger. My mind feels clearer. My self-esteem has improved. It’s amazing.

The House!! – we have our pre-construction meeting in a little over a week. Then they will start building. We are all SO FUCKING READY. Let’s do this! Fuck…I’m excited.

Jackson – is leaving for Disney World in the morning with his dad and grandmother. I’m going to miss him so much, but I’m so excited for him. He’s going to have a wonderful time. 

Friends – I’ve been making an effort to spend more time with friends. We caught up with @nightwave89 and @unitedindividualists last night (while getting our drink on). It was amazing. Hopefully I’m having lunch with @itsjustcarrie tomorrow. Spending time with them is good for the soul. 

Dave – Things really couldn’t be much better. The only thing is we really, really want to be together in our house right now, cuddled up in front of a fire, watching tv, drinking, and talking. Netflix and chill, baby. He makes me so happy.

Freya – things with Freya are really good. We have made an incredible amount of progress in the last year. It doesn’t feel weird at all anymore and that makes me so happy that I get teary eyed just thinking about it. 

Random stuff – still obsessed with Neko Atsume. I almost have all the cats now. Still obsessed with Candy Crush. I’ve been reading like crazy. I think I’m at like 26 books for the year? I think my next pick is Red Queen.  The steroids fucking destroyed that allergic reaction so I’m feeling pretty good again. DST and an improvement in the weather has drastically improved my mood. I feel like I’m smiling a lot more lately. In fact, people have been commenting on it. I just feel incredibly happy and lucky right now.


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