unsent letters

  1. Dear J: I love you more than my own life. I think that’s all that really needs to be said. Love, your mom.
  2. Dear D: Maya Angelou says it better than I can – 

3.  Dear G: I want you to be happy. But you’re never going to be happy if you don’t work on yourself first. Get it together. Life is too short.
4.  Dear K: I know she’s your heart, and I will give my everything to love her and protect her when you aren’t around. I know this upcoming transition won’t be easy for you. Please understand that it was/is never my intention to make you feel bad. I know you never wanted this, and yet here we are. I’d like to start fresh, if that’s possible. I appreciate you and I want you to be happy. 
5.  Dear S: I wish it had been you instead. 

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