things i hate right now

  • People who go back on their word. We had a deal, bitch. Fuck you. This ruins fucking everything. 
  • Stupid snap chat bullshit.
  • Colds/not being able to breathe through my nose.
  • Headaches.
  • That (at least as of last Thursday) they hadn’t started digging the foundation for my house yet. Hurry the fuck up already. I don’t want to have to move twice. Grrr. 
  • Sloppiness/incompetence. Like why would he even turn in this case to me? Did he not look at it before he handed it in? It’s a total fucking disaster. 
  • My face/body.
  • That the dress I wanted to buy is sold out because I waited too long to decide.
  • That the weekend is over.
  • That my kid is sick and whiny and I’m snapping at him because I am also sick and whiny. 
  • How demanding, impatient, and overly dramatic I can be. 
  • Stress induced hives.
  • This piece of shit scale. Why is it four pounds heavier than the other scale? Which one is right? It’s driving me fucking crazy. I need to know which is right!!!!!
  • That I even care so much which scale is right. 
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