my tuesday truths 

  • I currently have an ovarian cyst that absolutely kills. Give me all the tramadol.
  • Also, this rainy weather is not kind to my arthritic joints. 
  • I had a mini panic attack in the car thinking cancery thoughts.
  • I have to keep reminding myself it’s Tuesday and not Monday.
  • I need to work out but I don’t feel like it. 
  • I’m having a very poor body image week. 
  • I wish it was Friday, which makes me feel bad because I don’t want to be wishing my life away.
  • I’m ignoring phone calls today. Reject.
  • I just want to be left alone.
  • I have complicated feelings about some family stuff and I don’t know what to do about it. 
  • I just got to my second home. The first thing I did was change my clothes. Life is so much more pleasant without a bra.

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