i’m bringing seven back…

We do these Sunday Seven posts over on Tumblr. I’m bringing the tradition to WordPress. You’re welcome.

  1. It’s Mother’s Day and my kid is in Texas. I’m sort of mopey about it. But the silver lining is that I got to sleep in and lounge around all day, which has been nice. Plus, he’ll be home tomorrow afternoon, and he called me today to say that he’s very excited to see me. Apparently he has a special gift for me, which is awesome, but really I just want to see his cute face and give him a hug.
  2. Dave is pretty sick. He has the flu I had last week. Poor guy. He has a fever, so we have been couch bound all day. And most of last night too.
  3. We watched The Witch. It was disappointing. Not scary at all. Hard to understand what everyone was saying. Kind of boring.
  4. We watched The Revenant. It was long as fuck. Sort of boring. Though that bear attack scene was intense as fuck. They probably could have cut out like an hour of Leo just dragging himself along, grunting, and looking miserable as fuck. I get it. No need to rub my face in it.
  5. D is watching WW II shit now, like he is wont to do. I’m blogging, reading, and drinking wine. We are still on the couch. I have a giant sectional loaded with pillows and blankets, so we are pretty fucking cozy. I’ve loaded D up with lots of drugs. I hope he feels better soon.
  6. New Game of Thrones tonight. We re-watched last week’s episode, which was bad ass. I can’t wait to see what happens with Zombie Jon Snow. Are D and I the only ones who seriously don’t give a shit what happens to Bran? Because ugh.
  7. Oh and we are ordering pizza for dinner. Because why not?

Peace out. xoxo

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