Blog challenge Day 14: Timeline of my day

6:30 am – wake up to bf groping me. This, obviously, leads to sex. Also, I have an epic headache, so I take my migraine drugs. The cat demands cuddles.

7 am – back to sleep

10:20 am – wake up again. More sex. Internetting in bed.

11:30 am – ready for brunch!

That was after ten minutes of singing and dancing for D. He thinks I’m crazy, but luckily he likes crazy.

12:30 pm – Brunch at Wildflower

Followed by a trip to Walgreens for cat food, Sudafed, and leggings. Weird assortment, I know.

1:30 pm – Pop a Sudafed and settle in on the couch with a new novel: A Small Indiscretion by Jan Ellison.

3:30 pm – spent some quality time with my treadmill.

4:00 pm – shower, hair & make-up. wearing an Eiffel tower tee that says “bon voyage,” D’s hoodie, and leggings, b/c it’s just that sort of day. fashion be damned.

4:40 pm – impromptu sex in the kitchen (he’s so sexy. Mmm)

5:15 pm – Take more headache meds, and then journaling and reading on the couch while D plays Civ.

7:19 pm – took a break from reading (over halfway done with the book already) to do the dreaded 90 second plank. I feel everything. Planks are evil. Back to reading.

8:00 pm – walked over to our favorite neighborhood bar for dinner, drinks, and foosball. D won all five rounds, but I like to think I gave him a run for his money. We’ve decided we need a foosball table for our basement. It was super fun, and would be good for parties. We already have a dart board.

10:00 pm – back at home, on the couch, watching It’s Always Sunny and partaking of herbal refreshment.

And basically I’ll be doing this until I pass out so…night, night. xoxo

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