random babble

  • I’m obsessed with watching those Tasty how-to videos on Facebook. It makes me want to bake all the things.
  • Exercise/training is going well. If nothing else, it’s good for my mental health.
  • It’s sunny today! Finally.
  • But my allergies are a mess today. Boo.
  • D and I talked last night about getting a puppy for the kids instead of a kitten. At first, I was against the idea, but it’s sort of growing on me. I prefer cats, but definitely love dogs. They’re just so high maintenance. But then I googled pics of puppies and *insert heart eyes*.
  • And as long as I have my Violet, I’m happy.
  • D and I have been having a lot of good conversations recently about our relationship, the future, etc. I feel so good about where we are. Like, so, so good. We both feel like we were completely different people when we started dating versus where we are now. We’ve changed so much, based upon the influence of the other, but it has all been very positive and I think we are both much happier.
  • Our Game of Thrones card game arrived today. So excited to play it tomorrow night!
  • I’ve been doing some reading up on chronic fatigue after cancer treatment. It’s very common, and when combined with the already present fatigue related to my auto-immune condition…not good, not good. It has become a bit of an issue lately, in that it has completely sapped my motivation. I’m looking for ways to combat it. Obviously, going to bed earlier would help. Eating healthier and exercising more. Drinking more water. This is where I’m going to start, but I plan to have a talk with my oncologist about it in August.
  • I’m wearing hot pink eye shadow today from the UD Through The Looking Glass palette. It’s called “Cake” and I adore it. It really makes blue eyes pop. There is a fabulous green that I can’t wait to try, but I’m thinking that may be more of a weekend look. haha. I’m really enjoying being more adventurous with my make-up.
  • I feel like a fucking princess in this dress. It is so cute, so comfortable, and I’m getting major compliments. I want to buy it in like every pattern imaginable.
  • Tomorrow is Jackson’s last day of school, but it’s only a half day. What is the point? Why can’t today just be the last day and then we could sleep in tomorrow? Grrr.
  • Is it Friday yet? I’m done.
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