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I got a text from D saying he was “aching for a Jenn blog.” So here you go, babe. I aim to please. Especially considering he blogged today, which is somewhat rare, and I love, love, love reading his blogs. I love getting a glimpse into that brilliant mind of his.

Shut up…I’m disgustingly in love. Deal with it. I figure that if I’m still this smitten after four years, some of which were kind of rough, well that is awesome and worthy of being celebrated.

I am so very pleased to have finally started the long (holiday) weekend. I thought this week was NEVER going to end. OMG.

So cheers –

In other news –

  • This week was hellish (work wise) and I don’t see it getting any better. 5/31 will be my partner’s last day for (at least) an entire month and…there are no words. I’m thankful my associate’s tooth decided to flip the fuck out this week instead of next.
  • Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world (or at least several people’s worlds) is upon my shoulders.
  • Stress sucks, dude. Just saying.
  • So last night D and I made new friends. Couple friends. I technically met them several years ago (when I was still married) and we finally reconnected. We had great conversation while drinking much beer at Itap. I think we are going to have fun together. It’s sort of rare to meet fun, intelligent, non-trashy people whom you feel at ease with. At least in STL.
  • One of my favorite things ever is to hold entire conversations with D where we speak in obscure It’s Always Sunny references.
  • After drinks last night, D and I went out for dinner and I realized today that I left my credit card there. Oops. Guess who is driving out to Chesterfield tomorrow?
  • I sent an email to D’s ex on Tuesday night in an attempt to clear the air and get a fresh start. This was after she posted a ranty post on her blog because I called her out for following my blog, which she claims she did while on Benadryl though I don’t know that I believe it. (I was nice about it, btw.) I only know this from reading her blog, since she won’t talk to me directly. Anyway, she hasn’t responded, and I imagine she probably won’t. Whatever. At least I know I tried. Honestly, I’m sort of over it. It feels good actually. Freeing. I mean, I’ve apologized several times for the way shit went down back in the day, and at a certain point there isn’t anything left to say about it.
  • I honestly don’t know why she’s ashamed to admit that she reads this blog. I would if I were her, simply because I spend so much time around her child. I have read her blog on and off over the last four years, but I’m finally ready to put that part of my life behind me.
  • Bye, Felicia Karen.
  • We visited the home site yesterday and walked around the lower level. It was so very exciting. I know I wasn’t super keen on home building in the beginning, but fuck I’m happy we went this route. This place is going to be fucking incredible.
  • DMB on Sunday night. Ahhhhh!!!
  • What makes it even better is how excited D is!
  • We have our first sprout in our herb garden!!!


I think that’s the mint. But it could totally be basil or thyme. I have no idea what order we put them in.

I could go on, but this is getting super long.


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