prop me up with another pill

  • I started yet another new medication yesterday. *sigh*
  • I despise the phrase “hump day.”
  • I want to go back to this morning when I was lying in bed, naked, luxuriating in how wonderful it felt.
  • Instead, I went to court like a good little lawyer, and they didn’t even call my fucking case. Grrr.
  • We have a tentative closing date of 8/29! OMG OMG OMG
  • I have a pile of work on my desk, and no motivation.
  • The guy in the suite next door (another law firm) keeps sneaking in here and taking monster shits in the downstairs bathroom. WTF even is that? Who does that? They have a bathroom over there. I guess he doesn’t want his colleagues to smell it? Fuck you, dude. I hate you.
  • I might have to cut a bitch.
  • Wayfair is my new favorite thing.
  • I’ve been listening to The Joy Formidable for the past couple of days (including right now). I’m so excited for the concert this weekend!!
  • xoxo
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2 thoughts on “prop me up with another pill

  1. Confession: I was just skimming. I mean, I came here to read, but I was also trying to choke down this really dry granola bar…. so yeah, skimming.

    But THAT GUY?

    Okay, see, I don’t even get how people shit in public restrooms ANYWAY. It’s got to be some sort of medical emergency for me to do that, and even then how far from home am I?

    But to go into SOMEONE ELSE’S OFFICE to do it? What is this guy eating that he can’t HOLD IT? But if he really can’t, or won’t? OWN what comes out of your ass, sir. Own it.

    There is a special place in hell for that guy. And you know what? There are no bathrooms there.

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