The never ending saga

of Violet versus Freya got pretty crazy last night.

Violet is my grumpy old asshole cat who only loves me, tolerates Dave and Jackson, and hates everyone else, including sweet little (almost) 10-year-old Freya. Freya loves cats and wants nothing more than for Violet to love her and shower her with affection.

Things had been better recently. Violet seemed like she was working on being more tolerant. They could be in the same room together without issue. Just a couple of weekends ago, Violet allowed Freya to approach her and she sniffed Freya’s hand. I thought we had made significant progress.

Then last night happened. Last night, Violet lost her shit and hissed and carried on like someone was trying to kill her. All because Freya wanted to sleep in my room. I threw Violet out and she hissed at me as well. I made her go downstairs and locked her out of the room. That was her punishment for being an asshole. She normally gets to sleep with me.

Freya cried. Sobbed really. And with each sob, Violet got bolder and bolder, like Freya’s fear was fueling the fire. This is something I have been trying to get Freya to understand for some time now; that her fear keeps this going. If she would find the courage to simply ignore Violet or yell at her, this would end. Violet is literally just a big old scaredy cat (and a bit of a bully). Unfortunately, I don’t know if Freya has it in her. She’s a bit of a delicate flower.

I love them both, and we are all about to live together, so I very much need them to get along. Though obviously Freya comes first.

I hope we can get it figured out. I may have lost this battle, but I plan on winning the war.

Who would have thought that this would be the hardest part of blending our two families?


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