summer solstice seven

  1. It’s the longest day of the year or some such shit. The sun is my enemy. I’m super excited that our house backs up to huge trees which will keep the living area shady and cool. The swimming pool will be shaded too, which I prefer. Fuck the sun.
  2. The secret to my young looking skin is sun avoidance and high spf sun screen. My good genes help too obvs. I look just like my dad and he was a sexy beast.
  3. I’m joking. Kind of.
  4. Father’s Day kind of sucks for me. I see everyone posting about their awesome dads all over social media. I feel ripped the fuck off sometimes.
  5. I barely slept last night, had to wake up super early, and have done a bunch of stuff already today. Today is going to be a long one. *sigh*
  6. I’m blogging to avoid working, but I think I have to stop procrastinating and get shit done. *double sigh*
  7. 10 days until vacation!
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3 thoughts on “summer solstice seven

  1. I found SPF 100 – it is my goal in life to never look my age – and use foundation with zinc and titanium oxide in. They mock the pale, but Husband got the standard lecture from our dermatologist about the importance of sunscreen; he patted me on the shoulder and said clearly I’m doing everything exactly right.

    • I’ve been thinking about using a zinc oxide sunscreen. I’ve heard that it is extremely effective. Which brand of foundation do you use?

      • I just mix Manic Panic’s Dreamtone in white (they sell several shades of white, pick your fav) with the palest foundation available of the brand currently pleasing me (except for their color selection, natch.)

        This provides a physical barrier that outlasts chemical sunscreens, which is great because who wants to reapply their makeup every hour all day long?

        Other brands do a white too, just make sure it’s got either the zinc or the titanium (and I’ve even got one with both somewhere around here).

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