OMG the season finale of GoT was fucking incredible. Let’s recap the awesomeness:

  1. Jon is Lyanna’s daughter, which I totally knew was coming. So if Rhaegar is his father then he is a Stark/Targaryen. He and Dany are totes getting married (because that’s what Targaryens do, right?). After they annihilate the white walkers. That’s my prediction.
  2. When Dany named Tyrion Hand of the Queen I almost cried. It was soooooo adorable. Love them.
  3. Cersei. Don’t fuck with Cersei. JFC. She’s a bad ass bitch. Holy fuck.
  4. Tommen. Bye, bitch.
  5. The King in the North. Love it.
  6. Sansa has become one of my favorite characters. She has really grown.
  7. Last but definitely not least: Arya. FUCK YES. I hate Walder Frey so fucking much and when she slit his throat I cheered.

There were some amazing Silicon Valley quotes tonight:

  • “Your dicks would have blown out the back of your assholes if you had seen it.”
  • “My lawyer’s in jail.” (To which D remarked, “I hope I never have to say that.” haha)

I’m interested to see where they take it next season now that Erlich and Big Head own the company. Stupid fucking Richard.

Isn’t Erlich the best though? I want to smoke a bowl with him.

Oh and HBO previewed a bunch of new shows/mini series; several of which look super awesome. I def want to watch The Night Of. Divorce looks interesting as well.

My favorite show is now over for like a year. I guess it’s time to start back up with OITNB.


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