i invoke sumai

It’s getting harder to relax at home because there are boxes everywhere. Everything is in disarray. I feel cramped. Crowded. I’m looking forward to getting out of here for a week.

When I get back, I’m going to schedule the movers. I’m having them move all of my stuff into a storage unit. So I also need to acquire a storage unit.

Moving is stressful, and I hate it. This will be so very worth it though. I get to move in with my best friend. How awesome is that?

The drywall is up at the house. That was exciting to see.

I saw Me Before You this afternoon. I thought it was really well done. (The book is one of my faves). Emilia Clarke was perfect. I cried a lot, of course.

(Also – Tywin Lannister sighting! ^^^)

My sense of time is so off this week. I keep thinking it’s Thursday.

I miss Gringo. Mission Taco just isn’t as good. I don’t care what anyone says.

D and I went to Left Bank Books last night to browse and it was delightful. I love book stores. I ended up not getting a book though because I just couldn’t choose. It takes me forever to choose my next read. So I bought yet another journal. This one has dinosaurs on it though.

The best part of the book store? There was a cat!!!

Relevant quote: “Choosing a new book was like looking for a treasure.”





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