so much to say

  • We must have heard that song at least five times while we were driving all over the Southeastern United States. *love* Not only was it on the road trip playlist I made for us, but Lithium has been playing it a lot lately.
  • We also listened to a bunch of Joy Formidable, Blink, and Of Monsters and Men.
  • We play this game where one of us throws out a letter and then we have to come up with as many bands as possible that start with that letter. It’s silly, but it’s really fun, and surprisingly difficult.
  • Total states we visited during this road trip (not counting Missouri): 6!
  • My favorite stop was Savannah. I wish we had spent more time there. The history and culture is amazing. I loved the accents and the architecture. The ghost tour was crazy fun. I drank something called Artillery Punch, which is apparently like the local go-to cocktail. It was so strong omg. It contained champagne, rum, whisky, gin, and brandy – among others.
  • What I didn’t like: the humidity. In Georgia and South Carolina, I experienced a level of humidity that I didn’t even know existed in the world. Holy fucking shit. Walking outside felt like getting punched in the lungs. And my hair…let’s just say I didn’t realize my hair could get so crazy curly. It isn’t a good look for me sadly.
  • Horseback riding was so much fun! I intend to find a place to ride here in Saint Louis. D enjoyed it too, so that made it even better.
  • My favorite thing about this particular road trip is how we didn’t have a set agenda. We had a general idea of where we wanted to be, but we were open to making random stops if we saw a roadside attraction that looked interesting. We were open to changing up the route so we could hit up as many cities as we could. We made sure that we experienced as much of the local flavor as possible. It was a crazy fun trip and we are sad that it is over.



  • But…it does feel good to be home with my kid and my cat. It’s weird to think this won’t be my home for very much longer. In just a few short weeks, we will be moving out. I can’t wait though. We are so ready.
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