everything zen

I’ve taken some steps to improve my mood –

  • I’ve been listening to classical music this week. It has greatly reduced my stress levels. I’m pleased. I’ve been listening to Symphony Hall on Sirius XM and a playlist called Gentle Classical on Spotify.
  • Meditation/deep breathing
  • I’m back to relying upon my to-do lists. It feels so good to cross things off when I’ve completed the task.
  • Exercise.

Things I plan to do –

  • schedule a massage. I have a membership with Massage Envy. I need to start using it.
  • schedule a deprivation float. I feel like I could really benefit from this right now.
  • get more sleep. My sleep schedule has been dreadful recently.
  • keep on top of the exercise. The runners high is so worth it. It’s one of my favorite feelings.

Miscellaneous (stuff that makes me smile) –

  • I have reserved a storage unit very close to the new place and I have my movers set. I’m moving in two weeks!!! OMG.
  • I received my package of LuLaRoe leggings (I bought one pair in pink and one in black) and omfg they are so very soft. The softest leggings ever. Heavenly. I can’t wait to go home and put them on.
  • My muscles are sore from training last night, and I like the reminder that I am taking control of my body.
  • The thunderstorm rolling into town.
  • Last night with D. *insert heart eyes*


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