shake it off


I had a different post written, but I deleted it because meh. I don’t want to post a bunch of negative bullshit right now. None of that stuff matters anyway. Here is what does matter:

  • My son is home after a weekend away.
  • I got to have an unexpected lunch date with D.
  • I’m making progress on everything…slowly but surely.
  • My birthday is on Friday!
  • I’m getting major cat cuddles right now.
  • This past weekend was a really good one. I’m becoming a true believer in domestic bliss.
  • The above-referenced bullshit? It too shall pass. It always does.

Oh and here is a beautiful quote that feels extra relevant –


To quote the always wise Mac, “I like the way I smell, and I like me!”

Sometimes you just have to laugh it off and move on.

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