let them eat cake

It’s my birthday week and so there will be cake. Oh yes. Maybe even tonight. (D and I are going out for the adult version of my bday celebration).

I weighed myself on the “bad” scale this morning. I hate it and I’m throwing it away before I move. Fuck that thing. It is at least four pounds off.

I like it when my boyfriend acts needy and/or jealous. It’s good to feel wanted by him and to know he’s as scared to lose me as I am to lose him. There was an incident this weekend that was pretty adorable. He thought I was going to be mad at him, but it just made me love him more.

I only answer about 50% of the calls from my ex. Never once has it actually been something important. For example, he just called me twice in a row. The first time I ignored it. The second time I answered. What did he want? For me to look something up for him on the fucking internet. It was something about our kid, but still.

Why is it so hard for people to catch a fucking hint? Like I’m trying to spare your feelings by letting you down easy and you just won’t get the clue. Grrr.

Today a colleague of mine saw me outside of the courthouse. He was running. He paused to say hi and made a point of popping off his shirt. It was super fucking awkward and also hilarious.

You don’t get to check out for like five years and then suddenly check back in. That shit is not happening.

My “single” life is quickly coming to an end. I’ve lived on my own for four years now. I’m both nervous and excited about my life moving forward. Mostly excited. Very excited actually.

I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time. (A lyric that is very close to my heart). I’m a fan of change. Change is good.

I’m reading up on how to be a good step-parent and on blended families.

The thing about chronic pain is that if I’m complaining about being in pain, then you should know that it is really fucking bad at that moment. I have a very high pain tolerance.

I have so much shit on my desk…just a fuck ton of work to do. Am I going to stay late and do any of it? Nope. I’m going to the gym and then I’m meeting up with D to do our typical Tuesday night stuff.

I love my life. I almost feel guilty because I’m so happy. Are other people this happy too? I hope so.


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