body gratitude

I got tagged by a pal over on Tumblr, but I like this little meme and I wanted to post it here as well.

What are 5 things about your rockin’ body you are grateful for?

List 5 things.

  1. My eyes. They are huge and blue and I’m always getting compliments on them.
  2. My legs. I have long, thin legs. They are sexy and strong.
  3. My boobs. This may be surprising to some, since I had a bilateral mastectomy and all, but I dig my fake boobs. I may not have nipples, but I finally have cleavage. I always wanted cleavage. I wasn’t a big fan of the old boobs anyway. Ha ha.
  4. My skin. I was blessed with excellent skin and I have taken very good care of it. I often pass for mid-twenties, which is fucking awesome for a soon to be 37 year old.
  5. As much as I complain about it, I really do love my body. I love how it fought hard and held up quite well through several rough patches. It has endured autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, and cancer. It’s a fucking bad ass bitch.
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