I try to post every day, even if it is just a pic or a random observation.

Abandoned and/or rarely updated blogs make me sad. I always wonder what happened to the author. Is life so good that they can’t find time to write? That’s what I always hope for. Or did something bad happen? For a while, I had a lot of cancer patient/survivor friends, and I would lose it whenever they would fail to update for a while. For obvious reasons.

Anyway, I’ve been hard on myself lately because I’ve been feeling kind of boring. Happiness can seem boring sometimes. Like the mundane details of my little domestic bliss are exciting to me, but probably not so much to my readers. But…then I remembered that the purpose of this blog is to have a digital scrapbook of my life, and so I should just go ahead and record the mundane along with the exciting. It’s all about the journey, and those details matter. Well…they matter to me anyway.


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2 thoughts on “post-a-day

  1. I’ve been updating almost every day recently too – even when I tell myself I don’t need to, if I miss a day I feel bad about it (it’s probably some new kind of OCD that we’ve invented).

  2. Props to you for managing every day; I don’t think I could do it. It’s rough, even if you’re “just recording the mundane” to sit down and write something every day; there’s an anxiety to baring yourself to strangers that I don’t think I could handle every single day.

    Also, abandoned blogs don’t make me sad so much as frustrated and irritated. Like this person should have known that someday I would come along and discover them and NEED MOAR and they damned well should have kept going.

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