you can’t fix stupid


This was me yesterday. I had court Monday morning in a local municipality (where court is held in a fucking gymnasium…I’m serious). My client had been arrested for driving while suspended (DWS) and no insurance. These carry huge point penalties that will suspend your driving privileges for at least an additional year. I worked him out a SWEET deal. A deal that would have allowed him to get his license reinstated and avoid the new points. All it required was for him to make a phone call and work out a payment arrangement on his seriously delinquent child support (which is so delinquent that this on its own will likely result in his incarceration eventually). I even told him I would assist with that (because I’m a sucker). His response? “I can’t be fucking with *insert muni name* anymore.”

We argued for a bit, during which I outlined the ways in which he was fucking up his life. Finally, I said, “You are being really stupid,” and I left it at that. He plead guilty, and we parted ways.

So that’s two hours of my life I’m never getting back.

**Somewhat unrelated, but I can’t wait for Better Call Saul ^^ to start up again. Such a great show!

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  1. I was going to skip down and start listing all of my hilarious jokes and visions of the courtnasium – please tell me that it’s in a school, and that it also does duty as the cafeteria and auditorium, because I’ve got a whole thing ready about the cafegymnacourtitorium – but then I got stuck actually reading (curse you, eyeballs!) and now I’m torn between stunned admiration for your client’s devotion to his own adolescent willfulness and dismay that such an individual was not safely removed from the gene pool in time.

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