meeting the parents?

There is a possibility that I will finally be meeting D’s parents tonight. They aren’t big fans of our relationship, and so this is somewhat nerve wracking.

I don’t really know why I care so much. But I do care. I hate that I care.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and they won’t end up coming in? I’ll be both relieved and insulted if that happens.

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2 thoughts on “meeting the parents?

  1. My in-laws on our family: “I’m sure That Woman isn’t as awful as she seems, and we understand that you’re fond of her son, but don’t close any doors. Whatever happened to that random girl you dated for ten minutes?”

    In-law disapproval is totally survivable, is my point. You care, because of course you care. So turn it into a different kind of caring: learn to laugh at it, and you might even find yourself wanting to write a book about it 😉

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