just a list

  • I slept so very well last night. I was sort of expecting some insomnia issues since it was the first night in a new place, but I conked right out and slept through the night. I think it’s because all of the anxiety over the move is gone.
  • Now I can go back to worrying about normal stuff: like work.
  • The cat is being surprisingly chill about the move. I’m waiting for my punishment. It will come, I’m sure.
  • The movers worked from 8:30 am to about 5 pm. It was a long day. And it rained. A lot.
  • I have my treadmill back!!!! I can’t wait to get back into running.
  • So many boxes. So much to unpack. But I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s going to be so much fun to set everything up. Though we’ve technically already been living together for a month, this is the first time all of our stuff has been in the same place. Blending it is going to be fun. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  • Our furniture is being delivered Friday. So excited.
  • Tonight will be the first night the kids are in the house and we are super excited to help them get their rooms set up.
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