Playing catch-up…

on my September blogging challenge. I can’t believe I fell behind after only one day! But, to be fair, I have had an extremely busy week. Moving is hard work. Life is slowly getting back to normal, and I’m actually very much looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Anyway, on to the prompts:

Day 2: Something you’re proud of accomplishing recently.

I’m very proud of this lovely home we designed.

Day 3: Favorite fashion trend(s) right now.

Right now I am super into Lularoe. Their leggings are so soft and amazingly comfortable. I could live in them (and probably will this fall/winter). Also, their Amelia, Nicole, and Julia dresses are absolutely adorable. I have several prints in each style. I will admit that sometimes the prints can be absolutely hideous, but I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear one of the dresses out and about. I’m currently in search of the black leggings with the white birds on them. That’s my “unicorn.”

Day 4: Something you are currently thankful for.

I feel very happy, healthy, and loved.

Day 5: Top 5 highlights from this summer.

  1. Moving in with D!
  2. The house!!
  3. The Hilton Head road trip.
  4. Girls’ trip to Denver.
  5. Concerts. I went to so many fantastic concerts this summer. And…D and I are going to be ending the season on a high note. This upcoming Sunday we are going to see Blink-182 AND WE HAVE VIP PASSES TO MEET THE BAND OMFG SQUEE!!!
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