prop me up with another pill

The joints in my right hand are super swollen and hurt so much. I’m sitting at my desk trying not to cry. This is even after two pain pills.

I’m exhausted. I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning and I’m so not a morning person. I’m not really an afternoon person either. I just want to sleep like 10 to 12 hours per day to be honest.

I have to go to court every morning this week and just ugh…do not want. At least tomorrow morning it’s just muni court in my new hometown so I won’t have to wake up insanely early.

I’m starting to think I just don’t like dogs.

Unrelated to the point above: today a couple of colleagues and I had a very weird conversation about eating dogs and horses. We get bored while waiting for our cases to be called at court.

I fell asleep at my desk earlier. It may happen again. I’m dragging.

I stayed at court longer than I needed to this morning to try to avoid seeing a client I knew would be back at the office. It didn’t work.

I’m seriously considering breaking up with my hair stylist. Unfortunately, this is harder than it seems. Especially when you are connected on Facebook and have mutual friends. I just want my fucking hair to be even for fuck’s sake.

We bought 7 bottles of wine yesterday at the winery. Plus, we received two bottles as housewarming gifts this weekend. All reds. I’m a happy girl.

I feel like I have grown so cynical. I have a difficult time taking things at face value. Even a seemingly nice act often has an ulterior motive.

Sometimes something will happen and I’m reminded of how many people actually read this blog. Then I often feel the urge to delete. I won’t, obvs. But the feeling is there…lurking.

D is super stressed and so I want to do something to help him relax. I’m going to rock his world. (Last night, he seriously rocked mine like whoa…)

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  1. What did I miss regarding your hair? It always looks super cute. If you do break up, please give me a warning. : )

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