A day in the life

Day 10 of the blog challenge.

  • The day started out in the best way possible: with much sexing.
  • Finally got out of bed around ten. I settled in on the couch and started a new book.
  • D made breakfast.

  • It was yummy. We watched HGTV while we ate. That’s sort of our morning routine nowadays.
  • After breakfast: more reading.
  • 2.6 mile run/walk around the neighboring subdivisions. 
  • Shower. Primping. 
  • More reading.
  • Get ready to go to the art fair.

  • Went to the Saint Louis art fair. We wanted to find something for the house. We failed, but it was still fun. 

  • Head further into the city to meet friends at a favorite bar.

  • We spent a long time there. Then headed back to the house. Our friends wanted to see it. 
  • Continued drinking. Got really drunk.
  • Passed out on the kitchen island.

The end. 

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