a little bit of this/a little bit of that

This week has been busy, busy, busy, and, as a result, I have neglected my blogging. So let’s see…

  • Last weekend was pretty incredible. It was so amazing to watch Dave meet the guys from Blink-182. I’m so thankful that I was able to give him that experience. We had the best time. I’ll…never forget. (Inside joke alert).
  • Day 14 of the blog challenge: Something I miss. MOTHERFUCKING WIFI OMFG. The latest is that Charter should be coming out to put in the lines next week, but I won’t be holding my breath.
  • In related news: I now have the biggest data plan Verizon offers. Like 26 GB or some such shit. It rolls over too, so that’s pretty sweet. And now I have an international plan, which will come in handy in 2017. Plans, yo.
  • Sometimes I feel like Amy Winehouse was supposed to be my soulmate. Her lyrics…sigh.
  • I saw my oncology team today. Things appear to be good, so that’s a big relief. I adore my docs.
  • I feel very fortunate today. I have seriously amazing friends.
  • My trainer kicked my ass last night and I feel everything. So sore. Also, I have stepped up the running and I’m feeling fantastic about it.
  • I have so many to-do lists going currently. It’s like my to-do lists have to-do lists.
  • Last night, D and I were hanging out in the great room and we were like holy shit this house is way too nice for us. I grew up in a shack in Ferguson. How is this even my life right now?
  • Every day it feels a bit more like home, however. The mirror for the entry way was finally delivered today. Getting stuff delivered to new construction is no easy feat. Nobody knows how to get to us.
  • I finished The Handmaid’s Tale last week and it really affected me. I remember reading it as an undergrad, but I don’t remember it making such a powerful impression. It’s a fabulous feminist text and I urge everyone to read it. It’s difficult to properly articulate how I feel, but I just feel…aware. It really spoke to me.
  • I adore this time of year. Our weekends book up fast and we have so many fun plans.
  • I feel good today. Mentally, I mean. I have another ovarian cyst, so I’m a bit fucked up physically.
  • I read a sign today at Siteman Cancer Center that said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
  • xoxo
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  1. We once had no wifi at home for 6 months. We survived off next door’s WiFi, and eventually a mobile dongle I bought from a shop. It was ridiculous.

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