we left a scar, size extra large

  • D told me the other day that he listed me as his emergency contact for a race he’s running, and under “relationship” he listed “partner.” He said it’s because girlfriend just doesn’t sound right to describe our relationship anymore. I thought it was cute.
  • We spent the afternoon cleaning the old house so that the realtor can set up an open house. It was hard work and we still have a lot to do. Going back tomorrow.
  • The hard work will be well worth it when it sells. We have a lot of big plans for that money. Swimming pool. Vacation. And some other stuff that will remain a secret for now.
  • Whenever I think about secrets, I think about that episode of The Backyardigans, where they sing, “I’ve got a secret. I’m going to keep it. I’ve got a secret, and I won’t tell you!”
  • I’m such a mom.
  • I’m exhausted. Can I has nap, plz?
  • No rest for the weary.
  • We have a wedding reception to attend tonight. So soon I have to get myself showered and put together. I’m a fake bridesmaid. I say fake because the wedding has already happened (the couple eloped) but a few of us are bridesmaids for reception purposes, which really just means we are wearing matching dresses.
  • It works for me. Way less work than being an actual bridesmaid.
  • Isn’t it weird how you can be in someone’s wedding and then never talk to them again? That happened with me and one of my bridesmaids. Actually, she was the maid of honor. Anyway, she just lost her shit immediately before, during, and after the wedding so things were never really okay between us again. Then I was in a different friend’s wedding and we ended up growing apart. We barely speak now.
  • More later. Maybe.
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