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Parenting is hard. My kid is so fucking dramatic. D said, “Hmm…I wonder where he gets that from?” Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Sigh.

The Dish Network dude and the FedEx dude (because let’s be honest: they will both be dudes) are supposed to come over today and I’m feeling all nervous because what if they can’t find the place? Will they call me? UPS didn’t call. They just sent my shit back.

We decided to give the big “fuck you” to Charter and set up our television services with Dish instead. That should be set up by five pm today. Hopefully. Still no internet though. Who knows when the fuck that will happen.

I’m frustrated as fuck with contractors, repair dudes, installation techs, and delivery dudes. Just do your fucking job, okay? Be here when you say you will be here. This is my second day in a row home from work waiting on people to get shit done.

I really like our neighbors at the other end of the subdivision. They have three boys around Jackson’s age. The mom seems really cool. We hung out for a bit on Sunday evening. Yay for neighborhood friends.

Other neighbors I have met and/or seen: A few houses down there is a super old couple, like 80s. I talked to the dude when I saw him outside. He seems nice enough. Thinks the kids are cute. One set of immediate neighbors seem older. The neighbors on the other side are a couple (probably mid to late thirties/early forties) with 2 little girls. I haven’t met the chick, but the dude is cool. He and D have a bunch of stuff in common. We met him a while back.

I guess soon we will know most of these people really well. Most of them should be moved in by late November/Early December.


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