i’m a hard, hard habit to break

  • I removed myself from eight Lularoe Facebook groups today, and I still have a long list to go. I have to get it out of my face though because I have been spending way too much money on clothes recently. I’m seriously a shopaholic.
  • I like to cuddle Violet, sniff her furry little ears, then press my nose against hers and sing, “I love you so much, it hurts me. That’s why, darling, I’m so blue. I want to hold you, my dear, forever and ever. I love you so much…it hurts me so.”
  • You love me for everything you hate me for.
  • I practice writing what will (hopefully) someday be my married name, like some silly lovesick teenager.
  • This time last year my rads tit pic was an international internet sensation. My life is so odd.
  • We finally purchased Halloween costumes. We ended up with couples themed costumes after all, because we just can’t stop being so fucking adorable. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Suck it, haters.
  • The buzz over at the bk court about the party is intense. Everyone is so excited. It’s funny to think that I only started this tradition in 2012 after breaking free from the huge downer I then called my “husband.” He hated fun, and enjoyed nothing more than raining on my party parade with his hipstery b.s. Now I call him “ex-husband.” Who’s laughing now, motherfucker?
  • Sometimes I just have to let the snark out, ya know?
  • Date night shall commence in approximately 30 minutes. We have a big deal, very good, awesomesauce achievement to celebrate tonight. So we are heading to our go-to celebration place, of course: GAMLIN WHISKEY HOUSE. *squee-fest*
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