doing it to death 

We are hungover. Especially D. Whiskey is evil. We have to fucking rally though because tonight is our Halloween party and I have 40 very excited guests arriving around 8 pm. And we aren’t even a little bit ready. 

Last night, while drunk, I ugly cried over Donald Trump. I abhor that man. I hate that it’s 2016 and so many people are still treated like second class citizens over race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, etc. 

Regardless of whether Trump wins, and I honestly don’t think he stands a chance, I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where so many people support hate. The good news is that they are both shining beacons of all that is good. It’s cliche as fuck to say that children are the future, but I really believe their generation will bring big changes. Having conversations with them about race and gender and religion are so refreshing. They are smart and good and lovely. I adore them. ❤️

Finally got to try my costume on yesterday. It’s a touch too big, but it will do. It’s itchy though. I have sensitive skin so that’s like my own personal torture. I’m such a special fucking snowflake. Sigh. 

I guess I should clean something. Okay? Okay. 

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