love list

Violet does this super adorable thing where she runs to meet me whenever she suspects I’m headed to bed. She’s super fat so this is no easy feat. I love the way it sounds when she runs across the hardwood floor. I adore her. She brings me so much joy. 

Tonight I was trying to go downstairs to do laundry, and Freya grabbed ahold of me and said, “Jenn!! I love you so much. Please stay.” So of course I did. Duh. We played Emoji Pop for a good long time. I rock that game. 

Today was pajama day at Jackson’s school and when I picked him up he was wearing a Chewbacca onesie. It was totes adorbs. 

I received an email from Jackson’s teacher about his spelling issues, so I sat him down for some spelling work after dinner tonight. Frey helped me quiz him and helped him sound words out. She’s so sweet and patient with him. She’s an excellent big sister and I just adore her. Also, Jackson improves so quickly when he gets extra attention. He’s actually incredibly smart. 

D worked late tonight so I had one on one cuddle time with the kids. ❤️

D and I had good conversation and alone time tonight. He sent a response to his parents that was just perfect. I feel so very lucky that he has chosen me to be his partner in life.

It’s almost 1 a.m. so I should probably go to sleep.


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