Nov. 3: If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom?

I was tempted to skip this prompt, since NaBloPoMo is all about writing every day and not so much about following the prompts. This prompt makes me feel weird. A big part of me has plenty I’d like to say to several¬†people, but most of it is snarky, petty shit, which is exactly why I don’t say it. I make every attempt at being a kind person, the bigger person, and not ever going out of my way to hurt someone’s feelings. Obviously I fail at this from time to time, as nobody is perfect, but I do strive to be this sort of person every single day.

With that said, there is something I’d like to say to a person (or maybe persons) who shall remain nameless, and that is this:

When the glass is always half empty, or when nobody ever likes you but you can’t figure out why, and you are always the victim of every bad thing that has ever happened in your life, you should take a good look at yourself and realize that there is one common theme holding all of these threads together: you.


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  1. Ooh, I know a couple of these.

    Here’s the problem: I know for a fact they’ve heard me give other people advice to the effect of “don’t listen to the haters, you’re wonderful and they just don’t appreciate you.” And that’s true, for many people. The guideline, which these folks are not privy to, is that if you’re hearing a critique or getting a certain brand of dislike from one or two people, you can let that roll right off your back; when it’s basically everyone, everywhere you go, it’s time to consider what you’re putting out there that gives people the impression that you’re an asshole.

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