monday madness

Super early morning for me. Lots of cases on my docket.

I weighed in this morning. My weight is up. Whatev. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing and try not to worry about what the scale says.

I found out this morning that I had abnormal cells present in my most recent pap, and therefore will need to have a cervical biopsy. My aunt recently passed away because of cervical cancer and so I am obviously concerned. I’m trying not to freak out. After all, I’ve had this procedure done before and everything was fine. It’s difficult though because once you’ve had cancer, you kind of just assume the worst when you get news like this.


My sister (the heroin addict who had her kids taken away) called my office today to ask if I would represent her boyfriend in his burglary case. *NOPE*

My colleague who has been renting office space from us for like five years now moved out over the weekend. I can see into her now empty office from my desk. It feels weird and sort of sad.

I need a hug. And a cupcake. Luckily, I will get both tonight.


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  1. Abnormal cells is a common thing, but with your history, I understand your worry, I would, too. I had abnormal cells and the treatment was to have the lining of my cervix frozen so it sloughed off. That was years ago and I’ve had normal paps ever since. Just trying to ease your worry a bit.

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