thankful like whoa

I’m super duper fucking grateful for the following:

  • The privilege of being Jackson’s mother. He is so amazing. Sweet, funny, cute, and smart. He’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
  • The privilege of being a role model/step-parent to Freya. I finally have the daughter I have always wanted.
  • Dave. Our Love. I never knew love like this could exist. I never thought I could feel so free to be myself. He makes me better. His love is like my heroin.
  • My law firm. How did this happen? I’m blown away. We worked so fucking hard. Sometimes, Scott and I will fist bump and just be like, “FUCK YES!!!!!!”
  • I have the coolest, funnest, most supportive and diverse group of friends. Old and new.
  • My gorgeous house that I designed from fucking scratch!
  • My ex. For giving me the best kid ever. For forgiving me for my past transgressions. For giving me (for the most part) a really awesome divorced co-parenting experience.
  • Cats. Especially: Violet, Bozo, Morgan, Duke, and Antonio.
  • Drugs. Mmmkay?
  • My life after breast cancer. Forever fucking grateful.
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