i’m such a mom (and i don’t even care)

I saw this pic on Facebook today and was like OMG yes!


For example:

Saturday evening, after decorating the trees, D and I were excited to have a LOTR marathon with the kids. D turned on The Fellowship of the Ring and we all sat down to watch. About 30 minutes in the kids got super fidgety and started complaining that they wanted to get back to playing their game. D and I were sort of annoyed as we figured they wanted to play Minecraft or some such nonsense, but we let them go anyway. Later, I popped upstairs to check on them and they were taking turns pretending they were Santa Claus. They were using the Christmas tree box as a sleigh, which they filled up with presents, and then the non-Santa pretended to be a reindeer and pushed/pulled the other one around. It was absolutely adorable and it warmed my heart. Freya is ten and Jackson is seven, and so I recognize I have to enjoy these moments while they last. They are growing up way too fast for my liking.


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