the only way to fix it is to flush it all away 

We went to see NIN and Tool cover bands last night and it was a blast. Highlights include:

  • Six people crammed into a Sonata for a 45 minute drive. We got up close and personal. 
  • Ann and I quickly getting out of the car and trading places while stopped at a busy intersection because I’m too tall to be the person who was lying on top of the laps of the people in back. I’m 5’7 and she’s 5’2. Those five inches make a huge difference.
  • I was knocked down hard in the mosh pit. It hurt but was also kind of awesome. (Still hurts tbh). Some random dude picked me up so quickly. It was sort of amazing. People can be good. I think I may have kissed him. I know I squeezed his face. Drunk Jenn is affectionate.
  • I threw my drink (including the cup) at some dick face dude in the mosh pit. I’ve always wanted to do that! Haha.
  • I love Fireball but it doesn’t love me. 
  • Late night/early morning meal at City Diner.


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