Okay so…

  • The weekend was so amazing. We had many “one new thing” experiences.
  • I love our super candid conversations. Honest conversation is the key to a happy, long lasting relationship, in my opinion.
  • I had brunch with my bestie yesterday. It was good to catch up. I hadn’t seen her since the Halloween party.
  • After being told to watch it by several friends, we finally started watching Broad City yesterday. We did a little binge watch. It’s hilarious.
  • I realized yesterday that Christmas is only three weeks away. I have so much to do.
  • We went on a search for garland yesterday in order to decorate our staircase. I was disappointed with my options. That reminds me: I need to see if I can find something better online. I need to get this place ready for the B&A holiday party on the 17th.
  • I ordered my dress for D’s company holiday party. It has sequins!
  • We have been hitting the gym pretty hard recently. D is getting really built and it is so hot. He takes off his shirt and I giggle and rub his body, which he loves, of course. Haha.
  • I feel like baking something. I’m going to grab some ingredients when I get to the grocery store this afternoon. Maybe a cake. Or cookies. hmm.
  • I slept until 10:30 this morning. I’m off today! And Friday too! Woot.
  • This post is totally pointless. I should probably just delete it, but meh.
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