I’m in deep with this girl but she’s out of her mind.

  • Whenever I hear that lyric, I wonder if D thinks of me when he hears it. 
  • These steroids are keeping me wide awake. It’s 3 am I must be lonely. 
  • My grandfather used to snore so intensely that it sounded like a freight train was running through the house. He had terrible sleep apnea because he was extremely overweight. There was no stopping his addiction to sweets, however, or smoking for that matter. He used to hide behind the detached garage and sneak both. When I’d catch him, he’d put his fingers to his lips and bribe me with candy. (My grandmother knew what was up though; she was eagle eyed.) He was the fucking best. He taught me what it would be like to have a good father in my life. When he died, he took a piece of me with him. 
  • When I met my ex, he had the cutest Texas accent. He eventually ditched it via voice training because he wanted to be an actor. The acting career never even came close to panning out, and I always missed that accent. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. What a waste. 
  • Honestly though, he sold me out over and over again for things that would never pan out, and that’s why we failed spectacularly, just like everything else in his life.
  • I thought I knew humidity, and then I went to South Carolina. I cannot abide, which sucks because I’d love to be a southern lady.
  • I almost bought D’s ex a Christmas present yesterday. Well let me rephrase, I’ve actually bought her several presents on behalf of Freya, but this is something I came across and thought: Oh this would be perfect for Karen. I didn’t though, because she hates me. I emailed her several months ago to try to mend things, but she never responded. 
  • It’s all good. Just gotta keep on keeping on. As I lie here, with D softly snoring next to me, and my kids safely tucked into their beds upstairs, I recognize I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Forever grateful. ❤️
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