*hulk smash*

This is a stupid, petty little rant, but I need to get it out:

I fucking hate co-parenting sometimes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought tickets for the family to go see Rogue One tonight. I bought these tickets like two weeks ago as part of the kids’ Christmas countdown activities. We made a point of telling the kids about it ahead of time so that they could tell the other parents about it. We wanted to avoid having them see it twice in a short period of time. Both of the other parents are big Star Wars fans, so this was a good possibility. I even told my ex about it personally, because I knew I couldn’t rely on children to relay information.

So what happens? Both kids told us when we spoke to them this weekend that they had seen the movie with the other parents. Okay fine. I can still work with that. But…it gets better! My ex called earlier to tell me something unrelated and happened to mention that he took Jackson to see it twice this weekend. Fucking twice. When he knew we had tickets to go see it tonight!

That’s just such a dick move, in my opinion. He just shit all over my fucking plans. I paid like fifty fucking dollars for these tickets, and there is no way Jackson is going to want to see it a third time in as many days. I don’t blame him. Ugh I’m just so (admittedly probably irrationally) angry about this and I want to shit all over something that is important to him just to be an asshole.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck you so fucking hard. Grrr.


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3 thoughts on “*hulk smash*

  1. Take a deeeeeep breath (and maybe a deeper glass of wine) and remind yourself that shit like this is why you’re not with him anymore. Yeah.

    Now go see if you can return or sell those tickets, and start planning an amazeballs (surprise!) trip to Disney or some shit. You know, for Someday. And you won’t tell anyone you’re going until you’re headed for the airport. HA!

    • We actually ended up seeing the movie because Jackson apparently loves it so much that he doesn’t mind watching it every single day. Haha. But…point taken. I have some ideas. ☺️

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