monday musings

  • It’s stupid cold outside. I’m grateful to be able to stay inside and under blankets for most of the day.
  • When I turned up the heat this morning, the cat immediately ran over to the vent and laid on it. Haha.
  • We went Christmas shopping for the kids yesterday. We still aren’t finished, but we got all of the big items. They are going to be so pumped. I can’t wait until Christmas morning.
  • With the exception of Friday night, our weekend was very chill. I feel quite relaxed.
  • Friday night, on the other hand, was fun as fuck, even though it took us two hours to get into the city for D’s company holiday party at the Chase because of the icy roads. (Yowza that’s quite the run-on sentence). It would normally have taken like 30 mins. The party itself was lovely: great location, beautiful decor, delicious food, lots of booze, fun people, and much dancing. We stayed the night at the hotel, and good thing because I was quite intoxicated by the time I made it back to our room. Things got a little crazy by the end of the night. Good memories.
  • This week, so far, seems to be pretty chill, which is normal for the last couple of weeks of the year. (This is the calm before the storm. Our busy season starts mid-January). I kind of hope it stays that way because I am so not in the working mood.
  • I was added to a secret Livejournal group on Facebook and it got me all nostalgic for the good old days of blogging. I went over and revamped my LJ. It you still blog over there make sure to add me. I bought a rename token and so I’m now: diebythedrop.
  • Currently dreaming of a beach vacation. D and I have been throwing around the possibility of the Virgin Islands for early 2017.
  • And Japan. Did you know they have owl cafes? Motherfucking squee-fest.
  • Tonight is Rogue One with the kids. The other parents already took them (sigh…sometimes it feels like they do that shit on purpose, like my ex knew I was taking Jackson tonight but took him this weekend anyway) but whatever. It will still be fun. We’re going to eat dinner at the theater. They love it when we do that. Suite seats for life.
  • I should wrap presents or do laundry or answer some emails, but instead I’m going to look for a new book to read. Because that’s how I roll.
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