wedding bells

I’m sure it is surprising to nobody that I currently have weddings on the brain. Though, to be fair, I have never really been that into weddings. My first wedding was a big (lovely & expensive) destination wedding and even then I got a lot of grief from my future in-laws and grandparent-in-laws about doing everything just so: fancy centerpieces, registering for china, an extensive guest list.  I had (and for the most part still have) zero interest in all of that stuff. My idea was to elope (Vegas, baby). You can imagine how that went over.

This time I was certain D and I would elope. After all, this is a second wedding for both of us. Just me and D on the beach somewhere, followed by a candlelight beach dinner, and 8 to 10 glorious stress free days lying about with drinks in hand. Ahhh. There is a complication, however: the kids. They are so very excited about our wedding. Admittedly, Freya is more excited than Jackson (boys!). She is texting me pics of shoes and dresses and constantly asking when, where, and what type questions. We asked both children what they thought about us eloping and then having a big party when we get back. They aren’t keen on that idea. They want to be present when we exchange our vows, and how can we possibly deny them that? After all, this event is the symbolic representation of us truly becoming a (blended) family.

D and I have discussed just bringing them with us to the beach, but neither of us are too excited about that idea. I love them to death, but I don’t want to share my honeymoon with our kids. Or anyone’s kids for that matter: adults-only resorts for life.

So we have a lot of thinking to do. Luckily, there is no rush. D and I are hoping we will have a brilliant moment of inspiration some evening after a few drinks. That’s when we come up with our best ideas. We just have to make sure we record it in Google Keep because otherwise we may forget. Haha.


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