Currently (January edition)

Reading: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. It’s making me laugh out loud.
Planning: A wedding. Vacations. The parties we’re going to host this year.
Watching: I haven’t been watching much recently. I’m looking forward to House of Cards and GoT starting back up.
Cooking: I have been pinning/reblogging lots of interesting recipes lately, and we have started making them. So far we’ve made: cajun shrimp pasta, stout beer chili, and champagne punch. I’m hoping to try more new recipes this year.
Eating: Hoping to eat healthier this month. The holidays were a bit of a train wreck calorie wise.
Drinking: Too much booze. Trading in the booze for water. Lots of water.
Pinning: Wedding dresses. Blue heels – esp. mary jane style.
Crafting: I played with Frey’s spirograph. Does that count? Haha.
Going: Back to work on Tuesday after a glorious week off. I feel so much more relaxed.
Loving: Our awesome group of friends. I seriously won the friend lottery.
Dreaming: of a nap.
Feeling: Hungover.
Listening: Enjoying the glorious silence.
Celebrating: A new year. Hello, 2017! The start of a new year always feels like a new beginning. Fresh start/clean slate. I love it.

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