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I missed a day of blogging yesterday, like didn’t even post a pic or meme or something. That’s unusual for me, but I was super busy (first day back to the office after the holiday break), and really not feeling all that great. In fact, I had an emergency appointment to see my doc (I love that I can text her and get in. Being friendly with your physician is the best). I was/am still dealing with jaw pain, as well as a terrible arthritis flare. She helped with both. She’s the best.

This post is going to be all over the place. And likely boring. But I’m feeling like writing so I’m going with it.

The first day back at the office was a bit crazy, like you’d expect. Plus, our newest employee started yesterday. It feels weird to have her here. I imagine it will for a while, though I think she’s going to fit in perfectly. We already know her fairly well. She used to work for a colleague of mine. We “stole” her from him. To be fair, she was looking, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Though, honestly, I feel like everything is fair in business dealings. If you don’t want your employees to leave, don’t treat them like shit. Ya know?

When I got into the office yesterday morning, I discovered that my main computer had stopped functioning with no warning. So that was fun. We needed two new ones anyway, so I hopped onto Amazon and ordered three. Those are on the way. I hate getting new computers. I have to reset fucking everything. I’m using an extra laptop we had laying around, and I keep calling my assistant asking, “So what’s the password to _____?”

My joints have been so inflamed (I blame the shitty, cold, rainy weather) that I haven’t been able to wear my engagement ring in a few days, which makes me super sad. Luckily, my doc adjusted my meds and I can tell it’s starting to work. Slowly. I’m hoping to be significantly less swollen by tomorrow morning. I need the Precious back on my finger where it belongs.

Despite my bum joints, I went to train last night with my personal trainer. She just opened a new gym in the city and last night was our first night working out there. I love it. I’m so proud of her. She has been working toward this for a long time, and I know from experience how amazing it feels to finally be running your own business. Ahh so happy for her. I kept gushing last night as we worked out. “OMG this place is so cute and amazing!” “OMG I’m so fucking happy for you!”

So yesterday at my doc’s office they made me weigh in, which I’ve been avoiding for months now. It was UGLY, like I saw a number on the scale I’d promised myself I’d never see again type of ugly. I was wearing boots and a heavy sweater, etc, but still. This morning I weighed in at home (naked) and was four pounds lighter. Still, it was a major wake up call and the motivation I needed to get my ass in gear. Well, I guess that’s not entirely fair, because I had already started better eating/drinking habits after NYE. But still…more motivation can’t hurt.

I’m trying not to base my self-worth on a number on the scale but that has always been hard for me. D has been so supportive. He keeps telling me how beautiful and sexy I am. That helps. Knowing that he loves me regardless of my weight is reassuring obvi.

Oh and I know it’s TMI (not to mention totally cliche/cheesy), but I had my first experience having sex in front of the fireplace last night and it was incredible. The best part is that it was totally organic. Anyway, thinking about it makes me smile this morning. A+ will do again.

Nothing much else to report. Jackson is out of town with his dad until Friday, and D has band practice on Wednesdays, so tonight it’s just me and Frey at home. We are going to have a girls’ night, though we haven’t decided exactly what that means yet. Other than that, I foresee a bath and much reading in my (not too distant) future. Can’t wait. It was so difficult to get out of bed this morning.

I suppose I should get back to work. *sigh*

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