in my head

  • Busy week ahead. I feel slightly anxious.
  • I really need to pick up my new anxiety meds from Walgreens. Tomorrow.
  • I have plans with friends Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I’m going to be exhausted by Sunday, but it will be worth it.
  • I’m not feeling well today. I caught D’s cold.
  • As of right now, I’ve read 3 1/2 books this year. My goal is 100.
  • D&D got off to a rocky start Saturday night, but ended up being awesome.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale will premiere on Hulu on April 26th. I’m ridic excited.
  • I’m also excited about: Girls, GoT, House of Cards, and Better Call Saul.
  • I just ordered several books of poetry from Amazon. Pablo Neruda. *sigh*
  • My favorite LLR leggings have a giant hole in the ass. I’m not amused.
  • I can’t stop listening to Angel by DMB for some reason.
  • On the wedding front: next steps are the guest list and ordering save the date cards.
  • We have a humidifier in our room that we use at night. It makes weird noises sometimes that cause me to wake up thinking someone is speaking to me and I freak out. Of course, sometimes someone is actually speaking to me: Freya. Either because of her insomnia or because she is sleepwalking.
  • You know what’s awesome? Dear Mr. You by Mary Louise Parker. You should read it.
  • I’ve decided I want these for my wedding bouquet. How cool are those?!  They’ll last forever. I already know where I plan to display them. I’m going to get a bouquet for Frey too.
  • My pal, Kara, is coming to visit from Colorado in a couple of weeks. So excited! I have to show her all the best of STL in one weekend. I have some planning to do.
  • Oh and we are going to see The Lumineers while she’s here!
  • I feel sort of terrible so I guess I should cuddle up and read some more until I pass out.


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