Meet my family

Week 3 of the 52 week blogging challenge.


This is Dave. My husband. (We aren’t actually getting married until October, but we have started calling each other husband and wife, because what’s changing really?) He’s a smartie and a hottie. We have a ridiculous amount of fun together. I love him like whoa.


This is Freya. My (step) daughter. She’s 10. She’s smart, funny, artistic, and gorgeous. Major cat enthusiast this one is. We have that in common. I love her like she’s my own, because that’s how I roll.


This is my son Jackson. He’s 7. He’s smart, funny, sensitive, and a bit of a spaz, as most little boys are. He never stops moving until he passes out at the end of each day. He’s super into Minecraft, dinosaurs, space, and D&D. He’s the best hugger/cuddler I’ve ever known. This is him on Christmas with the gun D picked out for him. Or as Jackson called it: the best present ever. He makes me understand the concept of what it feels like to have your heart walk around outside your body.


This is my fur baby Violet. She’s like ten years old. She’s a grumpy chubster and I adore her. She only loves me. She’s scared of D. She kind of tolerates the kids. She’s hissing at them less and less nowadays.



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