*teeth clenched*

I love my mom, but if she doesn’t stop lecturing me about politics via social media I’m going to lose my fucking shit. So far I’ve kept my mouth shut, but it’s getting harder. The worst part is she’s commenting on other people’s statuses that I’ve liked. What. The. Fuck.

She’s a fucking Trump supporter, of course. Sigh. 

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One thought on “*teeth clenched*

  1. Just start posting everything with the filter “except Mom.” Then, when she asks why you haven’t been posting lately, tell her what you did and why. The fact that she can see stuff you like is a setting, BTW. The point of filtering and waiting for her to notice (rather than my more usual advice of Direct Communication) is to give some distance from the current situation. Let the giant oompa loompa actually be president for a few weeks and his supporters will lose a lot of their fervor. You’re basically letting the calendar lower the stakes in her little political war.

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